They talk sh#t about me

He’s my number 1

They keep telling me don’t trust a beautiful girl
But they can’t get no girl like me
Sexy like a strip show
But she got the brains though
Togg team she’s my mvp
They ain’t into us
They’re so envious
Trying to tell me that my girl is too dangerous
But she’s my Mrs. P
That’s P for perfection
Her attention is all I need

There goes my baby
And ain’t she the real thing
I got her now… he’s my number 1…

He’s my darlin’
And he got my heart set
I’m talking about
She’s my number 1…

They talk sh#t about me (x6)

All my girlfriends are jealous
They don’t like my man coz he’s generous
Thinking that they’re way way way ahead of us
They keep telling us it won’t never last
He’s a bad influence
They’re so envious
I think the gravity is stronger ‘coz I’m falling fast
Two halves make a whole
Two hearts make a soul
My body, your body baby do the math…


Come on they talk sh#t about me

My girl is a permanent fixture, Jamaican and Latina
And affirmative mixture
You talk about him bad, I bury you six foot
Coz he’s gonna be my man ’til planet has blown up
She’s my Venus, galaxies can’t get in between us
We’re Adam and Eve with a remix
I’d get he a star from heaven but I can’t reach it
I can’t find a diamond as beautiful as she is
We go toge.. we go to ge ge gether
Don’t listen to you will lonely ass girlfriends ever
Remember baby you’re the Ben & Jerry’s I’m the cone
You’re the stone I’m the setting you won’t ever be alone
Ha no ! ‘Coz I’m only a call away ay ay
And though they say it’s just another “cliché” eh eh
She is my lady and they say no face
She is my lady…
J’l’aime depuis le lycée


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