Pictured my love in this frame for you baby
It’s like a bird that never learns to fly
My shattered heart is in pieces for you baby
I’m uncompleted I need you here by my side
Baby I’m sorry sometimes I get so insecure
Every second I’m thinking about you
Over and over and over again, yeaah
and now you know …


Without you I’m nothing, nothing
I should I never ever let you go
I’m nothing, nothing, oo, o-ooh
’causeI can’t live without you, ooh (8x)

To get you back, it’s a mountain to climb
I can’t win, I’m losing my mind
Don’t say I run out of time
Please girl, don’t say goodbye
Believe I’m gonna lost my mind
I’m going insane
Standing here calling out your name
Over and over and over again, yeaah
Now I know …

Refrain (x2)

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